Pony Club

What is Pony Club?

The Pony Club is an international voluntary youth organisation for young people interested in ponies and riding.

The Pony Club has long been the starting point for a large majority of equestrian team members and medal winners.

It is represented in no less than 27 countries with a worldwide membership exceeding 110,000 making it the largest association of young riders in the world.

The objectives of The Pony Club are:

  • To encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding.

  • To give instruction in riding, horsemastership and the proper care of horses.

  • To promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty to create strength of character and self-discipline.

Saturday Mini Pony Club will recommence on March 23rd 12.30-1.30pm. This runs fortnightly
Horse and Pony Care training will start on March 30th 12.30-1.30pm

Do you need your own pony?

Of course not! You can simply join our Centre Pony Club here at Field House Equestrian Centre, County Durham

The Centre Membership Scheme was introduced in 1998, so that children and young people without their own pony could join and take part in Pony Club activities.

The Centres may also take teams to many of the regional Pony Club competitions, perhaps even to qualify for National Championships.

Membership is open to anyone under the age of 21. Existing members may continue membership up to the age of 25.

Why join the Pony Club?

We can help you broaden your knowledge of riding and horse and pony care.

You'll also become a part of an organisation that provides members worldwide with a lifetime of great fun, and can help you achieve all of your goals in the equestrian world.

Pony Club tests are designed to improve your riding ability and knowledge of horse and pony care. Starting with the ‘E’ Test you can progress through the Standards of Efficiency up to the ‘AH’ Test. Members may also take their Road Rider Certificate. 

You may also take Progressive Tests at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum in Riding and Stable Management. These are smaller tests at all levels which may be taken on their own or together with the Standards of Efficiency.

We run competitions for our members in many different disciplines, such as mounted games, show jumping, dressage or quizzes.

There may also be the opportunity to qualify for National Pony Club Competitions such as:

  • Centre Equitation at Field House Equestrian Centre, County Durham

  • Winter League Dressage and Show Jumping

  • National Quiz

  • Horse and Pony Care

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